What Do I Put in My Survival Kit?



Everyday Carry can range for a whole host of items.  This kit refers to what you have on you at any given time.  This can change from day to day or event to event.



Get Home Bag (GHB) – A Get Home Bag contains the items and gear that can get you back home safely.  This kit is usually carried by people who work or go to school and need to get back home.  But it can also pertain to someone who is on a trip and needs to get back home from a longer distance.



Bug Out Bag (BOB) is the most talked about kit in preparedness.  A BOB is a kit that serves to get you to your retreat, bug out location or another area out of danger.  A BOB is going to be a bigger kit and could possibly weigh a lot.  Making a BOB is not a one time deal. You should revisit your BOB contents every summer and winter and change out your gear and clothes to match the season.  BOB’s are also known as Get Out of Dodge (GOOD) Kits.



I’m Never Coming Home Bags (INCH) are similar to Bug Out Bags.  But in the case of an INCH bag, the idea is that the owner is never going to return home.  The contents of this kit might be geared to a longer time period where someone will have to survive on their own.