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EP. 239 – Doc Backups, Scavenging in SHTF

This is Episode 239!


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One thought on “EP. 239 – Doc Backups, Scavenging in SHTF

  1. Brian Harkness

    I have made several backups of important docs. I have one in out fire proof safe in case the house burns down. I also keep a copy in our BOBs in case a disaster strikes and we need them later to prove identity, possession, marriage etc.
    To speed up the process I used a scanner app on my phone to quickly compile pdf copies of all the docs.
    The other tip i wanted to pass on is that I keep all the files on a SanDisk Cruzer Glide memory stick. I chose they specifically because they have a built in encryption device that lets me save them all to a secure file. Even if I lost the memory stick and someone found it, the critical information is still secure.

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