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EP. 180 – Prepping for Seniors, Ways to Prep for Collapse

This is Episode 180!


Episode 180 Articles:

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2 thoughts on “EP. 180 – Prepping for Seniors, Ways to Prep for Collapse

  1. Ray

    Todd I really appreciated the opening of the podcast today y. It would crush me to lose the Facebook group. When I get on FBT it is the site that I really look forward to reading. The article struck home because my f-n- law is 89 an den I have been wondering how to incorporate him into our preparedness plans. After I listened to Daisy’s article I turned off all the lights in the house. Sorry for the long comment but you really got me going today.

    1. TPWP Post author

      I’m glad to hear that it helped. Like I’ve said, it is an area we don’t cover enough in preparedness. I hope others get some ideas of this episode.


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