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EP. 164 – Prepper’s Last Wishes, 20 Places to Scavenge

This is Episode 164!


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3 thoughts on “EP. 164 – Prepper’s Last Wishes, 20 Places to Scavenge

  1. Brian Harkness

    On a daily basic I am visiting a new workplace to provide training. I keep a log of locations and the products they produce or warehouse, just in case I need to scavenge there in a dire situation. People would be amazed at the gold mine of supplies are sitting right down the street.

  2. Brian Harkness

    Just wanted to mention, if you have an executor to your will, it is a good idea to also give that person a copy of the will and documents. Sadly, there are times when the deceased family gets involved, greed can get in the way. If the executor has a copy, they can step in with information and documents in hand so the wishes of the deceased can be carried out.

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